"Dead men rule the world." - Anonymous
PicturePhotography by Joseph Osei-Bonsu

'Ode to the living dead', a poem by Joseph Osei-Bonsu

Inhale and exhale: these were the basic functions,
And if life will continue in them; these were their compulsions,
Increase and decrease became the source of their fate,
Tomorrow knew no end and today was too late,
Forth and back did they come and go,
The earth was revolving but Rome didn't know,
Life and death was the sigil of these peoples,
We all know them: they are our favourite eagles,
Whether small or tall, they were either thick or thin,
But do you really get where I'm going with this thing?
There was once not a single turning,
The fathers fought against it,
And now there is constant spurning,
The mothers lament because of it,
Until the day when there will be no more yearning.

The rulers of the Earth:
Who were they?
They were the living dead.

The sun goes down as the day turns to dusk,
It is in darkness that lights wears its mask,
The night fears no man whether young or old,
All shall pursue heat as they flee from winter's cold,
The same blood flows in these men for they are no different,
But aimless pursuit will never become their original intent,
They are perpetually trapped between time and eternity;
For each of them, a chance to reveal their true identity,
Whether accepted or rejected, we are either awful or awesome,
Do you now see where I'm coming from?

Behold! Winter's curse has been turned back,
Whose son will make it through?
Very soon we shall see the real and the quack,
Whose daughter will see it too;
The endless summer that brings with it, good luck?

The rulers of the Earth:
Who are they?
They are the living dead.

A dead man has no fear - the fear of death cannot can unsettle him. The reason why terrorism prevails today is simply because almost everyone is afraid to die. It's not just death itself that we fear, but how we die and what we lose in death are what makes us fear death even more. Somehow, we believe and desire an ability to control how long we will live and how we will die. And in such a volatile world where the value of a human life is equal to that of a stray bullet, it feels as if we're losing control over our own life expectancy, daily. There is so much at stake for one to die in today's world. The terrorists know this, and so, they gladly employ the fear-of-death (on massive scales) to fulfill their purpose. What purpose is that?

The primary purpose of global terrorism is financial dominance - to make more money than everybody else.

Death is used to make the terrorists' 'competitors' or enemies, desperate, so that they can bully them into a negotiation. The only way to really end terrorism of any sort in the world is to lose the fear-of-death. When you have nothing to lose, your enemy has no leverage over you. Your fear only empowers the enemy, the obstacle or the opposition that is standing in your way. It is only when you get rid of this fear, that power shifts from them to you. Hence, the key to a stress-free, healthy and successful life is to consider yourself dead to yourself. Losing your private ambitions, desires, trust and faith in things, money, people, a career, for the sake of a higher purpose will free you from the fear of failure, death, and disease. From time immemorial, dead men have always ruled the world because they lost so much in the pursuit of their dreams that, they had nothing to lose anymore. Their vision was more important than their own self-preservation. Everyday our lives, as we are enjoy the fruit of their labours, we subconsciously singing odes to these heroes and heroines. We remember the living dead.  



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