“I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking” - Albert Einstein
PicturePhotography by Joseph Osei-Bonsu

    One of the most inexplicable, yet, exciting things in life is to see a dream come true, right before your very eyes. I'm not referring to dreams as they relate to aspirations, desires or ambitions; although the same holds true for them too. I'm referring to the visions of the night we receive when our eyes are firmly shut, and our consciousnesses are relieved from us.

A dream is like an enigmatic, avant-garde film: it is made by the filmmaker not for the masses, but for a particular audience, in order to send a specific message to that audience in a way in which only that particular audience can comprehend, or empathize with.

Most of the time, we are our own avant-garde filmmakers: we are the ones behind most of these films and scenes we see in our slumber. Most dreams are the reflections of our subconscious minds; but once in a while, we all have that 'troubling' or 'unforgettable' dream that our subconscious had nothing or very little to do with. This type of unknown, unsolicited, and unwarranted dream will press on our minds for years to come. And usually, they are forgotten. Until, lo and behold, they turn into reality - a reality only the dreamer of it can empathize with. I call this type of dream, Epiphanic dream. Every single person on this earth has had this experience before. What each person does with his or her Epiphanic dream is what makes their experience unique from others. Some refuse to acknowledge its significance to their lives, a few rationalize it as just one of those dreams of the subconscious, others respond emotionally to it and stop there, a handful of people may try to figure it out and fail, or reach a wrong conclusion about it. However, very rarely does one seek to understand the meaning of one's Epiphanic dreams.

    How do we know whether a dream is actually an epiphany or a product of our subconscious? Distinguishing between a Subconscious dream and an Epiphanic dream is no mean feat; yet, it is very simple. Epiphanic dreams impress on our minds, and sometimes on our bodies, in inexplicable and incomprehensible ways that cannot be completely forgotten, even though we may bury them under the distractions of life. Subconscious dreams - nightmares or sweet dreams - are usually, easily forgettable and don't have that unique effect of Epiphanic dreams. Also, an Epiphanic dream teases the dreamer to seek its meaning. Granted that in this busy and hectic world, most people don't seek dream interpretation any more. However, for as long as the dreamer lives, his Epiphanic dream will remain as a dark secret between him and his 'God'. Speaking of God, it is important to ask this question: Is it God who gives us these Epiphanic dreams or is there another source for these dreams? The answer to this is a definite, "Yes!".

    Since the origin of humanity, religious reasons and perspectives were used to explain the unknown. With the advent of science and technology, these mythical explanations that religion provided as a solution to some of the  puzzles in life, were dispelled. Now, we are able to explain the different types of seizure, instead of dismissing all of them as demonic possession. The Scientific Method of logical reasoning through empirical observation has done a great deal to rid the us of most of our ignorant conclusions. However, Science or Logical Reasoning is not a replacement for God. The reason why I state this emphatically is because, Science can only explain the seen, not the unseen. All the laws of physics, biology, chemistry and even metaphysics were, and are culled from observation and experimentation. Anything that cannot be observed, documented and experimented upon, does not fall into the purported omniscience of human logic. This is why science and technology excels so much in explaining the Earth's environment; but it struggles to understand the human soul. We are able to land men on the moon, but we cannot scientifically explain what the conscience is.

God is not a safe pawn used by religious people to explain the unknown. God is the creator of the unknown, from which the known is revealed.

    God is the One who uses Epiphanic dreams to reach out to the only creation on Earth, that is trying everything possible to replace Him with religion, logical reasoning, science, pleasure, money and private ambitions - human beings. Since the true, avant-garde Filmmaker behind our Epiphanic dreams is God, there is no man-made formula for interpreting dreams. Because, to have an epiphany about anything in life requires that one be exposed to the absolute truth concerning that thing. You've seen a movie before, right? Unless it has a sequel, it always possesses a beginning, a middle and an end. Well, this is nothing like what you see in the movies. An Epiphanic dream tells the dreamer only part of the story: the end, or the middle, or the beginning, or a combination of one to any of the other two.

The purpose of an Epiphanic dream is to expose the dreamer to his or her past, in order to influence the dreamer's present decisions, in preparation for future events.

Living life is like watching a dream come true: the dream is either a subconscious reflection of our innate desires , or, a God-inspired epiphany. The choice is always yours.



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