"Favour has never been about fairness. Favour is always about original intent." - Joseph Osei-Bonsu
PicturePhotography by Joseph Osei-Bonsu

    Once upon a time, there lived a company of 5 friends down in the jungle: Elephant, Koala, Bull, Cat and Starfish. Elephant had a very big house near the Great Forest River, and there, he hosted his friends daily. Starfish would swim out of the river to join Elephant, Koala, Bull and Cat at Elephant's house everyday, to  eat and play. Little did Elephant know that his so-called friends envied him for all the things he had. Koala envied Elephants huge and strong legs that could clear through almost any forest rubble. Bull envied Elephant because Elephant had huge ivory tusks. You see, at that time, Bull didn't have any horns and so he could barely defend himself against his enemies. Cat wanted Elephant's trunk so bad that he began to hate him secretly. Cat figured that a bigger longer nose could help him hunt for food more easily. Everyday Starfish would swim out of the river into Elephant's house, he always wondered what it would be like to have Elephant's durable skin. This became an obsession for Starfish. During one of Starfish's visits to the house, he told his friends that he had discovered a new and better forest on the other side of the river, the night before. If the 5 friends could cross the river, they could all move into a better place on the other side of the river. The only problem was that the river was too deep for Koala, Cat and Bull, and none of them could swim either. Elephant then suggested that he carry his friends across the river, since the river wasn't too deep for him to walk through. Cat, blinded by his secret hate for Elephant, interpreted Elephant's kind proposal as an insult. Cat thought that Elephant was trying to make fun of their incompetence so he said, "Who do you think you are to think we'll let you carry us across the Great Forest River? Everyday, you flaunt your trunk, your size and your house in front of us, just because we let you. Now, you want to carry us on your back as if we're little children." Elephant was shocked by the accusations of his friend so he tried to defend himself. He said, "Oh no! Cat my friend, I am not trying to insult either you, Koala, Bull or Starfish. I was only offering to help you. Who knows? Maybe everything I have was given to me for this purpose." "We don't need your help!", yelled Bull. And at this, Elephant's 4 friends ganged up on him and beat him to death. Afterwards, they divided his body amongst themselves. Cat took Elephant's trunk and affixed it to his nose. Koala took Elephant's legs and began to wear them. Bull took Elephant's tusks and added them to his teeth. And finally, Starfish peeled of Elephant's skin and hid it under his own skin. The four friends, thinking the pieces they had gotten from Elephant would help them cross the river, proceeded to crossing the Great Forest River. As soon as they all got into the water, Starfish sunk into the bottom of the river - the skin he had peeled from Elephant was too heavy for him to float or swim with. Cat didn't know how to use Elephant's trunk. As a result, he almost drowned from the weight of the trunk. Bull couldn't close his mouth because of the tusks in his teeth, and so he found himself gulping down gallons of the river water, inadvertently. Koala also, nearly drowned due to the weight of the elephant legs he was wearing. Starfish couldn't remove Elephant's skin from himself, that is why the starfish is still sunken and lying at the bottom of the ocean. Koala scampered out of the weighty legs and climbed to the top of the nearest tree. This is why the koala is afraid of water and lives in trees. Cat pulled off Elephant's trunk from his nose and rushed quickly onto the shore. By pulling the Elephant's trunk from his nose, Cat lost almost all of the fur that was once on his nose. This is why cats hate water and have single strands of hair near their noses called, whiskers. Bull swiftly paddled onto shore, pulled out the tusks from his mouth and started vomiting and coughing out the water he had drunk in the river. While his head was bowed down, Elephant's tusks got stuck into his head but Bull never realized it. This is why the bull doesn't like water and keeps roaming about all the time: it is still looking for Elephant's tusks. 

    If all men were created equal, why does it seem as though some men are favoured more than others? This is a flawed question. It does not 'seem as though some men are 'favoured' more than others; rather, it is a truth that some men are favoured more than others, per time, per time. 
This absolute truth does not seek to incriminate God of bias or prejudice, and neither does it give men the licence to boast over others. 

For favour has never been about fairness. Favour is always about original intent. 

The purpose of a king determines whom he calls to his service and what necessary accoutrements or privileges will come with that call. E.g. In times of war, a king never employs his cobbler for tactics and strategy. Instead, he calls on the Commander of the Royal army, supplies the Commander with everything the Commander needs, and puts the Commander to work, in order to fulfill the king's intent of winning the war. When the war is over, the fame, wealth, authority, prominence, power and name that the Commander may have gotten from the people or the king at that time, becomes less important in comparison to, let's say, the Chief Architect of the realm: who has now been called by the king to rebuild the ruins of war. After the Chief Architect has finished fulfilling his duty to the king, he too will become less important to a newly called servant of the king, so on and so forth. Such is life. Depending on the purpose or activity of the respective time or season, some men are favoured above others; but never forever. If your time or season has not come yet, what is there to profit by: comparing yourself with, hating, challenging, fighting against and trying to undermine others? 

    Jealousy, envy, squabbles, quarrels and fights over property, prominence and power are the most useless activities on Earth; after worrying. What is the point of desiring to be like someone or to have something that someone has, when you have been given everything you need in order to be you, and you only? Why pride yourself in wearing other people's designs when you can choose or create your own style? Most people say they're happy with who they are. And when you ask them, "Why?", they begin to list their achievements, the things they've acquired, the people they're with, their standard of living, and who they think they are. Very seldom will you hear a human being say that he is content with who he or she is because, he or she has discovered and fulfilled the original intent for his or her existence. Again, you - just like most people - rationalize that what you did, or what you are currently doing, or what you're about to do is your purpose in life. 

However, if you are your own standard of purpose, why can't you determine your own times and seasons? If life bestows favour upon those whose purpose and activity matches the uncontrollable times and seasons, what makes you think that you are the source of your own reason for living? 

As far as you and all humanity is concerned, nothing is certain. It is wisdom to realize that you have a duty to fulfill, and that nothing else matters except that, sooner or later, you'll be called to fulfill that duty. It is better to use your time to discover and prepare for that time, than to quarrel with yourself and with others about who you are, and who else you could be.



07/13/2013 2:20pm

Thank you for this brother. It brought a lot of clarity to a topic that I've been thinking a great deal about recently.

07/15/2013 5:37am

My pleasure...always...


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