Origin of the end


"People who don't know their history, just move about like chaff..." - Ashanti saying
PicturePhotography by Joseph Osei-Bonsu

   "Knowing the end from the beginning", this is the truest definition of 'revelation'. Revelation, or, to reveal, implies going back to the start or the occurrence of an event, in order to understand, appreciate and possibly, solve the mysteries that surround the present effects of that occurrence or event. Every problem that humanity has faced, is facing and will face can be diagnosed and maybe solved, via revelation. Revelation is the only way to know the unknown, see the invisible, believe or do the impossible, reach the unreachable, understand the mysterious, explain the inexplicable and to answer some of the difficult questions of life. Technological, medical, and scientific breakthroughs that have occurred over the past few centuries, only did so because someone discovered the cause, the source and the purpose for which a particular person, place or thing behaved in the manner that it does or did. And then, he or she proceeded to use or redirect that person, place, or thing towards the achievement of a predetermined goal. For instance; Gravity was discovered by Sir Isaac Newton as the source, the cause and the reason for which matter stays on the earth instead of floating in the atmosphere. His discovery has helped the discipline of aeronautical engineering to invent space ships which use or redirect Gravity, towards the predetermined goal of space travel. Hence, it was REVEALED to Sir Newton knew that, the end effect of landing onto the earth again after one has jumped from it, began with the occurrence of a pull, caused by an invisible force - (which he called)Gravity. The principle of revelation is widely accepted in almost all the disciplines in life, except one: Spirituality, or the Unseen Realm.

   All throughout the ephemeral history of humanity, we have been challenged with difficult questions pertinent to human survival. Can we turn harmful water into safe drinking water? Can we cure malaria? Are we able to build 2000-plus feet, high up, into the sky? Can a human survive a jump onto the Earth from space? How can we fly? Time after time, we have answered these very challenging questions by the principle of revelation. Yet, when it comes to very simple questions like, 'Who are we?', 'Where did we come from?', 'Why are we here?', 'What can or must we do?', and 'Where are we going?'; all of a sudden, we want to do away with the principle of revelation and substitute it with humanistic or religious speculations. As far as the world is concerned, there is no absolute truth or answer for the age old questions of whether God exists or not, whether there is life after death, or whose religious assertions are right, and whose religious assertions are wrong. Spirituality is the least understood discipline of humanity, yet, it is the most vital for human existence and prosperity. Yes, many have attempted to explain this seemingly inexplicable subject of the existence, or the fallacy of the existence of the human spirit, and how it relates to the possibility of an Intelligent Designer - God. However, the results remain the same: inconclusive speculations. 

Our issues and confusion with Spirituality cannot be settled by trying to be politically correct with all faiths, ideologies, speculations, religions and beliefs, based on some foolish and ignorant idea that, "We can all live in acceptance, in peace and in tolerance of everybody's belief or faith." This is completely absurd because there is no middle ground when it comes to faith and spirituality! The Atheist's belief stands against what his neighbour, the Muslim, believes; and this will always be the source of war between them - not peace!

   If human and universal spirituality will be revealed to mankind, then mankind must destroy all of its calculated secular and religious guesses, and begin to accept the importance and existence of absolute truth. That, the Truth about the Unseen realm - the afterlife, death, God, right and evil, judgement, faith - is not as good as a guess, but rather, it can be known and accessed through the principle of revelation. Birth is the beginning of human life on Earth, and death is the end of human life on Earth. Hence, birth and death is the ultimate reality of humanity. Since revelation is the knowledge of the end from the beginning, then the only way in which the Unseen Realm or Spirituality can be revealed or proven requires that a human moves past reality - past birth and death -, into what lies or doesn't lie there. The human must then come back into reality in order testify of what he or she witnessed in the Unseen Realm of pre-birth and post-death. In other words, a human being must have first-hand experiences in both life before birth, as well as life after death. And then, the human being must come into human life(reality) to prove it to the world. No human being has ever claimed to know of his own existence before his birth, except Jesus of Nazareth. And no human being has ever physically existed past being pronounced dead after the stipulated 3 days, except Jesus of Nazareth.

   Jesus' proven miraculous birth, death and resurrection from the dead is all the revelation the world needs to acknowledge, accept and believe in the existence of the Unseen Realm or Spirituality. Because of this, only Jesus' testimony about himself, God, the afterlife, creation, Heaven, the human spirit, right and wrong, death, birth and any other pertinent issue concerning human and universal Spirituality, can and must be considered as the absolute truth. He provided two testaments of the absolute truth (the Old Testament and the New Testament), in a document called the Bible, through the penmanship of men who he believed in him and were inspired by him to write them. The Bible speaks of the end from the very beginning. It is the origin of the end - the complete Revelation of all things. You either believe it, or you don't. Whatever your choice maybe, your end is already known from its beginning. It is all written in the Testimonies of Jesus, the Messiah - King of the universe.



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